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Sealing or Oiling Ipe decks

Sealing or Oiling Ipe Decks:
Ipe is incredibly dense and as such will only absorb a small amount of oil at any one applic...
January 23,2009

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connecticut ipe deck builder contractor ipe decking Ipe decks the IRON WOOD also called pau lope ipe deck
Ipe Decking Ocean City CTIPE the "IRONWOOD" Ipe pronounced (ee-pay) also called Pau Lope, is an ironwood. So named because of it'sipe decking banner incredible hardness or density. This species comes from central and South America. Many times harder than oak or Teak and extremely resistant to rot, decay and insects and even fire, no other material will outlast Ipe. Ipe is so dense it sinks in water,dark olive brown in color with an oily appearance and no knots even with no sealer  this wood will remain smooth and splinter free!! Ipe provides less tooth for mildew growth then other materials and is stain resistant. We have heard it called that special wood, or super wood, or even just dense wood. Ipe, the exotic ironwood is by far the toughest outdoor material available. Ipe decking is used in many cool outdoor projects (see ocean beach boardwalk left) where durability is the key and research was done to determine what materials would last best (visit our blog on Ipe decking sitings). Check out some of our exciting Ipe decks pictured below.
elevated custom ipe deck deckorator grille corner and stairs white vinyl

  ipe deck with fan stairs and hot tub
custom ipe decking ct connecticut decking company deck pro

  wrap around ipe deck
  ipe is best decking material     ipe decking vinyl rails herringbone pattern 
mulit level ipe deck with white vinyl rails and king posts
"For the ultimate outdoor deck material Ipe can not be matched!"
 large ipe deck in avon ct ipe decks white vinyl rails king posts    

Ipe's incredibly tight grain makes it impervious to water. Boards have been in place for 26 years with no signs of decay. Actual fire rating similar to steel. read our ipe report

  ipe decking with wide ipe stadium stairs 

Ever wish you could have a Teak deck? Now you can have an even better, tougher deck with Ipe the ironwood, actually twice as dense and durable as Teak and equally as beautiful!

ipe deck with white privacy rails  ipe deck with herringbone decking pattern white vinyl rails
   Ipe is considered the ultimate outdoor wood and the best material for a deck.  

We have been working with Ipe decking for many years and developed proven methods and techniques for working with the incredibly durable wood. Ipe is very difficult to cut, route and fasten because of its incredible hardness.  This makes Ipe decking the most labor intensive material. Each board must first be end sealed after each cut. Each screw hole must be counter drilled and pilot drilled before each screw is applied. Even  the shear weight of the material comes into factor. So incredibly dense and durable Ipe just does not absorb water to cause splits and cracks, it is naturally rot and insect resistant, actually has a fire rating similar to steel, and yet is beautiful and elegant, Ipe decks are a sight to behold for years to come. ipe is harvested conservatively as overseen by the forest stewardship council.

ipe decking in fall multi level   
note: white railings are solid vinyl lumber  goes without saying, but all our decks are framed with PT #1 treated lumber 
local ct ipe deck builder custom deck pro local ct ipe deck builder custom deck pro 
local ct ipe deck builder custom deck pro  local ct ipe deck builder custom deck pro 
custom ipe deck in farmington ct deck building pro deck specialists inc  custom ipe deck pro builder stadium stairs 
local ct ipe deck builder custom deck pro  local ct ipe deck builder custom deck pro 

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