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Sealing or Oiling Ipe decks

Sealing or Oiling Ipe Decks:
Ipe is incredibly dense and as such will only absorb a small amount of oil at any one applic...
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composite decking vinyl rails kingposts  
Composite [kuhm-poz-it] 1.a mixture of different components 2. a structural material that gains it strength from complementary materials  in this case wood fibers presumably from woodshops and oak pallets etc. and recycled plastics grocery sacks, stretch film, milk jugs etc. somewhere around 50/50, 50% wood 50%plastic.
early trex deckingComposite history: 1992 Mobil oil buys Trex decking technology (called Rivenite) ,at this time Mobil oil is largest US plastics operation and owns hefty, they are looking to clean up their image and begin recycling projects. They coin the phrase composite decking, and through aggressive marketing sell us all on the idea. Before long composite is a household word and we are happy to spend twice as much for a rather drab gray decking that does not give us splinters. Since then many changes and improvements in appearance and performance, a host of grain simulations and formulas, competition from other manufactures', and even higher prices (whatever happened to recycled products being cheaper then new?) the raw materials are free aren't they? of course it takes fossil fuels to make these materials., what does this do to the green movement?
Deck Specialists Inc will primarily be using Azek pvc composite decking for our high end custom pro built  decking projects, Azek is industry leader and proven product, offering many colors and wood tones .  Azek capped polymer resists fading and staining, mold, mildew, and scratches, excellent durability and very good home investment.
Composite decking is now considered the "norm" or benchmark in outdoor decks.  having undergone many interactions, and constant improvements to appearance, performance, longevity, fading resistance etc ,today's composite and synthetic materials are far superior to early mad made decking products. sadly to achieve best appearance and quality, today's composites are mostly virgin plastics and less recycled. But with many great colors, grains and wood pattern modeling decks have never looked better. vinyl or PVC products for decking rails and fascia have become the for front runners in the composite decking market with Azek being one of the strongest contenders. We endorse and prefer to work with Azek for decking and fascia, and manufacture our own white solid vinyl rails system from solid core HDPE outdoor plastic lumber (we are confident this rail system is best and most versatile in the industry).      
azek composite deck herrinbone floor pattern white vinyl rails deck pro   azek custom deck specialists pro buider white fascia outside deck

connecticut deck builder   connecticut deck builder

gray pvc composite azek decking project cool floor pattern octogon    custom azek deck professional deck contractor deck specialists
two tone evergain composite deck thunderstorm grey cherrywood white vinyl rails    golden oak evergrain composite deck white vinyl rails
composite deck pictures    composite deck pictures
trex accents deckingTrex accents: Wood grain pattern on one side, board is squarer and stiffer, they now claim it will span 16".( we still keep it to 12") Their warranty has been increased to 25 year. Cleaning and staining:  they now have a convenient web page devoted to help you maintain your deck. . Trex, like most composites will scratch fairly easily and there is no way to sand these scratches out, surface graining helps to hide these scratches. The wood fibers will fade with sun exposure and give mildew and mold  some foothold (please keep your composite deck clean) . Like other composites the plastic in Trex will absorb quite a bit of heat under direct sunlight and may be uncomfortable to naked feet. Accents is available in 4 solid colors designed to look natural as they age and fade. Overall, a widely available well received solid composite decking that will never give you a splinter. We feel there are better buys, but are happy to build you a Trex accents deck. we are a Trex deck contractor  *Entry level basic composite*
evergrain composite deckingEvergrain: Tamko Evergrain is a very high end quality composite decking. Unlike other extruded composites Evergain is produced using a compression molding process which give it a very convincing deep wood like grain, far superior to others combed graining. Evergain is a very stiff square quality composite board. capable of 16" joist spans but we still stick to 12", has less shrinkage and requires smaller spacing due to less water absorption then other composites. We feel it is a bit tougher then Trex and the much deeper grain is likely to hide scratches better .The factory offers a 25 year warranty. It is maybe slightly more expensive then Trex but we feel the better choice, and our composite recommendation. Most of our composite decks have been built using Epoch Evergrain. Evergrain is available currently in 4 colors to match any house.We have been building evergrain composite decks fro several years and have been very pleased with the product. We are your Evergrain composite deck company.   *Builders Choice*
evergrain composite decking colors
Azek, formally Procell: A cellular PVC vinyl decking board, not really a true composite, as it is all PVC but it usually grouped with the composites. Harder surface and embossed grain, probably more mildew and scratch resistant but perhaps more slippery and hotter in direct sun. We've built a number of  Azek decks, great product ,although does look more man made then some, lightweight and strong, fastens very easily and snuggly.

azek decking colors
                                                         *Builders Choice*
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Fiberon now owns sensibuilt and also makes a composite decking in every sector, Most recently adding their Tropical hardwood grain horizon line which simulates the look of exotics like Ipe and rosewood. Although very expensive (more then real ipe) it is a beautiful looking simulated exotic composite core with coated surface. Fiberon has extended their stain and fade warranty to 20 years (this seems ambitious)                                              *Worth considering*
veranda deckingVeranda: Veranda is the composite decking sold exclusively at Home Depot manufactured by the Fiberon company. Veranda has a new wood grain finish and is a bit cheaper then the average composite. Veranda carries only a 15 year warranty and we worry that it may not be around for a long time, Veranda seems decent for the price but certainly not the best product on the market. Veranda is said to be available in four colors but only stocked in one color. Veranda has now recalled almost every board foot of their product produced, our advice stay away.                                     *Low End budget composite*
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